TL9000标准适用于电讯业的硬件、软件、服务质量体系及其相关组合。 发布时间: 2015-01-13 14:28 点击:

The TL9000 standard is applicable to telecommunications hardware, software, service quality system and its combinations.
TL9000认证 TL9000认证书样本
TL9000 certification TL9000 certification book samples
The object can be a complete company, can also be limited recognition of an organizational unit, apparatus or the certification agency common explicit production line.
TL9000 certification scope will be clear in the certificate.
The TL9000 certificate has three kinds of forms:
TL9000-HW hardware TL9000-SW software for TL9000-SC services communication electronic enterprises can apply for any of the above a certificate or its relevant combination.
For example: quality system for a hardware class (TL9000-HW) certification, in addition to meet the ISO9001 standard, TL9000 public requirements and targets, only to meet the hardware class requirements and indexes.