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SA8000认证审核重点 SA8000认证审核重点项目
Key items of SA8000 certification audit
The key items of SA8000 certification audit are as follows:
Child labor
Enterprises must control the minimum age, working hours and safe scope of work in accordance with the law.
2. Forced labor
The enterprise shall not carry out or support the use of forced labor, or use bait in employment, or require mortgage. The enterprise must allow employees to leave after shift and allow employees to resign.
3. Health and safety
Enterprises should provide safe and healthy working environment, protection against accident injury, health and safety education, sanitation maintenance equipment and standing drinking water.
4. Workers' freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
The enterprise respects the full strength of all personnel to form and participate in the selected trade union and collective bargaining.
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5. Working hours
The company shall not require employees to work more than 48 hours a week under any circumstances, and shall take at least one day off every 7 days; the overtime shall not exceed 12 hours a week, except under special circumstances and short-term business needs; and shall ensure that overtime can get extra allowance.
6. Salary
The salary paid by the company to the employees shall not be lower than the minimum standard of the law or the industry, and shall be sufficient to meet the basic needs of the employees, and shall be paid in the form convenient to the employees, such as cash or check; the deduction of salary shall not be punitive; the company shall ensure that it will not adopt the contract arrangement of pure labor nature or the false apprenticeship system, so as to avoid the obligations to the employees stipulated by the relevant laws.
SA8000 SA8000认证 SA8000社会责任标准 SA8000标准 SA8000体系认证
SA8000 SA8000 certification SA8000 social responsibility standard SA8000 standard SA8000 system certification