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Kunming will introduce ISO9000 quality management system certification administration management


In the city, be in full swing in the pupils" exam ", Kunming municipal Party committee also began to once a year" midterm". In Kunming yesterday held conference of job of municipal Party committee, as" candidates" of each county ( city) area to hand over his "925 " bureau year report, as the" Examiner" party leaders, but also on various aspects of the achievements and shortcomings to make critical judgments. Provincial Party committee member, Kunming municipal Party committee Book vengeful and express on the meeting, Kunming will seize the opportunity, the bridgehead of the construction of regional international city, formed to conform, conform, western province conform international old open structure. From the beginning of this year, will be in the administrative organs and the developing zone (garden area ) a comprehensive import ISO9001 quality management system.
若不开放 区域性国际城市只是空话
If you do not open the regional international city is just empty talk

3 days of observation time, the journey 1300 much kilometers, and nearly a hundred points, see county ( city) area between the gap, also saw the bottleneck restricting the development of Kunming. Industry support force is not strong, economic extroversion is spent not tall, participation in international economic cycle weak, it is long-term since restricting Kunming economic development short board.
He told the conference:" no large open economy, there is no big development power, regional international city is that beautiful, sounds loud talk big." Kunming will be committed to new industry breakthrough, modern service industry, enhance the speed of modern agriculture. Encourage, guide, support science and technology innovation, system innovation and management innovation. Planning and construction of the " in Kunming"," the Kunming" good plan planning, preparation of propaganda" in Kunming"," Kunming" holographic reflection, to enhance Kunming's city attraction, influence and radiation force.


招商新难 原则却不放松
Attracting new difficult principles but not relax
He summarized, restricting the development of Kunming key mainly displays in: industrial development faces bigger gross scale and upgrade the quality of effectiveness of the dual pressure, industry is the existence of small, structure does not actor or actress, competition ability is not strong wait for outstanding issue, also has the extensive mode of development, transformation and upgrade quickly, independent innovation ability is weak wait for contradiction of deep administrative levels; Park facing the construction of lifting capacity and cultivate dominant industry in the dual task, park bearing capability is not strong, the function of supporting the imperfect situation has not fundamentally improved. Functional orientation, industrial park near the low quality of isomorphism, repeat construction, malign competition phenomenon to still be highlighted; investment faces introduced to not easily fall more difficult challenges, presence of investment gross is not big, the project structure and not the outstanding issue, not easy to introduce the project faces hovering at low altitude, the dilemma of be in a nice hobble.


Despite this, Kunming city in the area of investment to still have its principles, focus on the introduction of a large number of supporting roles in large, high technology content, long industrial chain, tax returns, radiation drives strong good project project at the same time, do the "four do not bring", namely" high energy consumption projects, have cited the project does not bring pollution, restricted the industry does not lead, no security enterprises lead". 本文来至于中国质量认证


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