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ISO50001能源管理体系认证标准简介 GB/T23331能源管理体系认证标准
Brief introduction of iso50001 energy management system certification standard
ISO50001能源管理体系是由ISO国际标准化组织的ISO/PC 242能源管理委员会进行制定。
ISO 50001 energy management system is developed by ISO / PC 242 Energy Management Committee of ISO international organization for standardization.
ISO/PC 242的秘书处由美国(ANSI)、中国(SAC)、巴西(ABNT)、英国(BSI)的ISO成员合作伙伴组成。
The ISO / PC 242 Secretariat consists of ISO member partners from the United States (ANSI), China (SAC), Brazil (abnt) and the United Kingdom (BSI).
Forty two Member States participated in the development of the standard, while another 10 members served as observers.
该文件主要基于ISO管理体系标准的共同元素,保证与ISO 9001(质量管理)和ISO 14001(环境管理)保持最大的兼容性。
This document is based on the common elements of ISO management system standards to ensure maximum compatibility with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).
ISO 50001将会提供以下帮助:
ISO 50001 will help:
Integrating energy efficiency into the framework of management practices;
Better use of existing energy consumption assets;
Develop standards, measure, document and report on energy intensity improvements and their projected impacts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction;
Energy exchange and transparent management of resources;
Energy management best practices and good energy management practices;
Evaluate and determine the implementation and priorities of new energy efficiency technologies;
A framework for promoting energy efficiency through the supply chain;
Energy management improvements related to GHG emission reduction programs.
Iso50001 iso50001 certification GB / t23331 GB / t23331 energy management system certification enterprise energy management system standard