GB/T 23331-2009能源管理体系认证基本情况 发布时间: 2011-10-02 22:42 点击:

GB/T 23331-2009动力管理体系认证基本情况
GB / T 23331-2009 energy management system certification basic situation
GB/T 23331-2009《动力管理体系 要求》国度标准已于2009年4月30日发布,于2009年11月1日正式实施。国度认监委在《关于展开动力管理体系认证试点义务有关要求的通知》(国认可[2009]44号)中规则,由于《动力管理体系 要求》的内容适用于各类组织,属于组织树立动力管理体系的通用要求。
GB / T 23331-2009" energy management system requirements of" national standards have been promulgated in April 30, 2009, in November 1, 2009 formally implemented. CNCA in" about carrying out energy management system certification pilot work notice on" ( country recognized [2009] No. 44) in regulation, because" energy management system requirements" content applicable to all types of organizations, which belongs to the organization to establish the energy management system - General requirements.
Because, energy management system certification pilot basis should be based on national standard for the foundation, according to our country in different sectors of energy use and the management of the actual situation, formulate industry certification and implementation rules.