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内审员考试题 内部质量审核员练习题 发布时间: 2012-01-09 16:49

内审员考试题 内部质量审核员练习题
Internal auditor examination of internal quality auditor exercises
1.    (每题2分共12分)请在正确答案上划圈:
1 ( 2 marks each question, 12) please mark the correct answer with ring:
1.1     内部质量审核是:
1.1 internal quality audit is:
a.      企业对自身所做的审核
A enterprise to own audit
b.     由客户所做的审核
B. By the customer to do audit
c.      由独立机构做的审核
C. By independent agencies do audit
d.     由供应商所做的审核
D. By supplier to do audit
1.2     质量管理体系审核的主要目的是审核:
1.2 quality management system audit is the main purpose of audit:
a.      员工人数
A. The number of employees
b.     产品测试方法
Product test method B.
c.      质量管理体系是否符合规定
C. Whether the quality management system in accordance with the provisions of
d.     检验工作是由合资格人员担任
D. Inspection by qualified staff is
1.3     下列哪一项工作须由非直接责任人担任:
1.3 which of the following work by a direct responsibility person as:
a.      管理评审
Management review a.
b.     合同评审
B. The contract review
c.      产品检验
C. Product inspection
d.     内部质量审核
D. Internal quality audit
e.      以上均正确
E above are correct.
1.4     在下列哪一种状况,检验设备不需追溯国家标准?
1.4 in which one of the following conditions, testing equipment without retroactive national standards?
a.      校准费用太贵
A calibration is very expensive
b.     检验设备是给实习人员使用时
B. Inspection equipment for training staff to use
c.      该检测事项与产品质量无关
C. The detection points and product quality.
d.     该检测设备与产品有少许关系,如检验室里的温度计
D. The detection equipment and products have some relations, such as inspection room thermometer
1.5     如审核员未发现任何不符合项,应:
1.5 if the auditor does not find any non-conformances, should be:
a.      说明审核本身是一种抽样,或许在未抽样的质量活动中,会有不符合项
A. Specify the audit itself is a kind of sampling, perhaps before sampling the quality of activities, there will be not conform to
b.     说明在其质量管理系统中,没有任何不符合项
B. Instructions in the quality management system, without any nonconformities
c.      进行审核,直至找出不符合项为止
C audit, until find non-conformance.
d.     不需做结案检讨会议
D. Do not need to make a final review meeting
1.6     我们把支持事物存在或其真实性的数据称为:
1.6 we support the thing exists or the authenticity of the data is referred to as:
a.      客观证据
Objective evidence of a.
b.     观察所见
B findings
c.      纠正行动报告
C. Corrective action report
d.     不符合报告
D non-conformance reports
2. 请分析下列各项是否存在不符合项?如存在,说明违反标准哪一个条文,并说明理由。(以下每题8分)
2 please analysis following the existence of nonconformities? If present, indicating a violation of standard which one section, and explain the reason. ( the following 8 points for each question )
2.1 在研发部发现,公司某些设计开发项目(如电源的设计)是委托另一家公司(简称A)负责设计的,审核员问研发部经理,公司是否对A公司做过评估,研发部经理说,A 公司也是我们总公司的一个分公司,我们没有必要评估A 公司,不过,经常打电话联系。
2.1 in the R & D department found, certain corporate design and development projects ( such as power supply design ) is entrusted to another company ( abbreviation A ) is responsible for the design, the auditor asks the manager, is the A company have been evaluated, the R & D department manager said, A company is a US Corporation a branch company, us there is no need to assess the A company, however, often call contact.
2.2 在市场营销部发现:某一客户合同(NO:2000912)上有一项目之产品规格和交货期已更改,审核员问,这些合同是否已安排生产,市场营销部经理说,早已通知生产了,按客户要求明天就要走货,审核员问,产品规格和交期的变更情况是否通知生产管理部,回答说没有。在生产管理部,审核员查找客户合同(NO:2000912)的生产情况,生产管理部经理说,现在还没有安排生产,审核员问,何时可以完成此合同,回复说,一星期左右。
2.2 in the marketing department found: a customer contract ( NO: 2000912 ) is a project of the product specification and delivery has been changed, the auditor asks, these contracts has arranged for production, marketing manager said, had informed the production, according to customer requirements will take the goods, the auditor asks, product specifications and delivery changes whether to inform the Ministry of production management, said no. In production management, auditors find customer contract ( NO: 2000912 ) production, production manager said, there is no arrangements for the production, the auditor asks, when can complete this contract, replied that, in about a week.
The 2.3 auditor in the audit department, general manager for the person in charge of here, 10 minutes after has not come back, the auditor in accordance with the plan to examine other departments, complete the review to the audit team leader to report on the matter, the audit team leader said, this department usually performed well, this is not a trial, he did not conform to.
2.4  在生产线,审核员发现某员工正使用一份未盖受控印的图纸装配产品,制造部长解释说,原来有一份受控的图纸,后来丢失了,这是使用其它部门的图纸复印的,审核员核对盖受控章的图纸后发现,两份图纸装配要求有些不一致。
2.4 in the production line, the auditor found some employees are using a cover controlled mark drawing assembly products, manufacturing the minister explained, had a controlled drawings, subsequently lost, this is the use of other departments of the drawings photocopying, auditor check cover controlled chapter drawings after the discovery of two drawings, assembly requirements some inconsistent.
2.5  在审核来料检验时发现,IQC正使用一把针盘指示表(NO 005)测试一件尽寸要求误差为5+-0.02MM的工件,但在质量保证部审核仪器计量时,针盘指示表(NO 005)的校准记录为:标准值为5MM时,实际读值为4.97MM,标准值为1MM时,实际读值为1.01MMM。
2.5 in the audit inspection found, IQC is the use of a dial indicator ( NO 005 ) tested a size requirements of 5+-0.02MM error of the workpiece, but in the quality assurance department examination instrument, the dial indicator ( NO 005 ) calibration records for : standard values for 5MM, the actual reading value 4.97MM, standard values for 1MM, 1.01MMM value for the actual reading.
3 questions: in view of the situation, to indicate the presence or absence of nonconformity, and explain the reason. ( 8 points)
The auditor in the warehouse, the quarantine area, there are a number of incoming in half a month before, are still hanging" Quarantine" signs, the auditor asks the warehouseman, why, put the quarantine area has such a long time, the warehouseman says, has informed the IQC times, IQC says, this is a new kind of material, there is no test method and standard, the number of incoming need technology sector to participate in the inspection, and the emphasis has been notified technical department technical department many times, still did not come to assist the auditor asks; technical department, said in answer, are now busy, no time to check.
4. 请选择与本部门相关的一个程序文件,编制内部审核检查表。(15分)
4 choose and the departments related to a program file, making internal audit check list. ( 15 points)
5. 作为内部审核组组长,请您挑选审核组成员(写明其职位),并列出完整的内部审核计划表(25分)。
5 as an internal audit team leader, ask you to select members of the audit team (including its position), and lists the complete internal audit plan table ( 25 points).