IATF16949:2016变化点 关于ASPICE的介绍 什么是ASPICE 发布时间: 2016-11-01 20:56
IATF16949:2016变化点 关于ASPICE的介绍 什么是ASPICE
IATF16949:2016 change point about the introduction of ASPICE what is ASPICE
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IATF16949:2016 standard terms产品和设计输入:产品设计输入应包含“嵌入式软件要求”; products and design inputs: product design input should include "embedded software requirements"; 设计和开发确认:确认应评估组织的产品间的交互作用,包括嵌入式软件; design and development validation: validation of the interaction between the organization's products, including embedded software; 嵌入式软件:组织必须要求其提供有嵌入式软件的汽车产品的供应商,实施和保持一个软件质量保证体系。 embedded software: the organization must be required to provide embedded software for the automotive product suppliers, the implementation and maintain a software quality assurance system.
A widely accepted protocol, such as ASPICE, or equivalent agreement should be used; the self reporting organization shall require the ASPICE vendor, or equivalent, as confirmed by the ability of the evidence system of suppliers;
An additional ASPICE evaluation, or equivalent method, should be implemented by the organization to assess the process, personnel and equipment in the supplier's project, to confirm the supplier's ability to develop software.
What is ASPICE:
Automotive SPICE是一个国际广泛使用的、评估和改进系统及软件开发过程的标准,也是由欧洲主要汽车制造商共同制定的面向汽车行业的流程评估模型。
SPICE Automotive is an internationally widely used, evaluation and improvement system and software development process standards, but also by the European major automobile manufacturers to develop a model for the assessment of the process of automobile industry.
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ISO/TS16949 certification introduction:
ISO/TS16949 is the international automobile industry technical specifications, is on the basis of ISO9001, added to the automotive industry technical specifications. This specification is fully consistent with ISO9001:2008, but more emphasis on defect prevention, reduce the quality of the automotive parts supply chain is easy to produce fluctuations and waste.