ISO9001认证 公司的ISO9001认证应该由公司的哪个部门负责 发布时间: 2020-03-26 17:53
ISO9001认证 公司的ISO9001认证应该由公司的哪个部门负责
Which department of the company is responsible for ISO9001 certification
There is no uniform regulation on which department is responsible for ISO certification. Generally, the quality management department with comprehensive coordination ability is responsible. Of course, the senior management needs to appoint a person as the management representative to lead the certification work.
No internal auditor can report to the management representative and send them for training. The number depends on the size of the enterprise.
Without internal auditors or people with considerable ability and quality, it is impossible to carry out certification work, and it is even more difficult to pass certification. What's more, the continuous improvement in the future?