ISO45001换版截止时间 2021年3月12日前完成ISO45001:2018代替OHSAS18001认证标准的转 发布时间: 2021-01-28 12:36
ISO45001换版截止时间 2021年3月12日前完成ISO45001:2018代替OHSAS18001认证标准的转换工作
The deadline for iso45001 version change is March 12, 2021, and the conversion of iso45001:2018 to replace OHSAS18001 certification standard will be completed
The latest GB / t45001-2020 standard is equivalent to iso45001:2018. The international organization for Standardization (ISO) has officially issued iso45001:2018 "occupational health and safety management system requirements and guidance for use" on March 12, 2018, which will replace OHSAS18001:2007.
Timeline and milestone of standard conversion
In November 2016, IAF passed Resolution No. IAF 2016-15, which stipulates that the transition period of iso45001 is three years after the release of iso45001 standard, that is, the conversion of iso45001:2018 to replace OHSAS18001 certification standard should be completed before March 12, 2021.
IAF (International Accreditation Forum) issued the iafmd21 in January 2018, which put forward requirements for the work related to the conversion of the certification standard from OHSAS18001 to iso45001. CNCA (National Accreditation Administration) issued the announcement on the work arrangement for the version change of management system certification standard (No. 30 of 2015) in September 2015, and CNAs (National Accreditation Administration) issued cnas-ec-050 in April 2018_ 2018 "instructions on the transformation of certification standard from gbt28001-2011 to iso45001:2018".
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