ISO27701隐私信息管理体系认证标准与ISO29151的异同 发布时间: 2020-10-16 15:21
Similarities and differences between iso27701 and iso29151
ISO27701分别对个人可识别信息控制者和个人可识别信息处理者进行规范和指导并基于ISO 27001和ISO 27002的各个领域。
ISO 27701 regulates and guides the personal identifiable information controller and the personal identifiable information processor respectively, and is based on the various fields of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.
从管理体系的角度并遵循PDCA的理念,而ISO 29151则是个人身份信息保护的实践指南
From the perspective of management system and following the concept of PDCA, ISO 29151 is the practice guide of personal identity information protection
它主要是基于ISO 27002的各个域中加入了PII的事实指南,并引入了ISO 29100十一大隐私保护原则
It is mainly based on the fact guide of PII in each domain of ISO 27002, and introduces the eleven privacy protection principles of ISO 29100
可以说ISO 27701和ISO 29151都是ISO 29100的细化体现,ISO 27701满足了ISO 29151的要求,并且从体系角度给予了充分的展示与要求。
It can be said that ISO 27701 and ISO 29151 are the detailed embodiment of ISO 29100. ISO 27701 meets the requirements of ISO 29151, and gives full display and requirements from the perspective of system.
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