ISO22000认证 风险控制理论在ISO22000食品安全管理体系中的体现与应用 发布时间: 2020-03-29 21:39
ISO22000认证 风险控制理论在ISO22000食品安全管理体系中的体现与应用
The embodiment and application of ISO22000 certification risk control theory in ISO22000 food safety management system
ISO22000认证标准在“应急准备和响应” 中规定,最高管理者应考虑能够影响 组织有关食品安全的潜在紧急情况和 事故并表明如何管理,结果应包括在 管理评审的输入中。
According to ISO22000 certification standard in "emergency preparation and response", the top management shall consider potential emergencies and accidents that can affect the organization's food safety and show how to manage them, and the results shall be included in the input of management review.
首先,组织应 识别潜在事故、紧急情况和事件,如火灾、 洪水、恐怖活动、人为破坏(如投毒)、 能源故障(如停电)、环境污染、新的危 害的出现或由于商业风险的识别,组织应 策划应急准备和响应措施,包括人力资 源、基础设施、应对程序等。
First of all, the organization shall identify potential accidents, emergencies and events, such as fire, flood, terrorist activities, man-made destruction (such as poisoning), energy failure (such as power failure), environmental pollution, the emergence of new hazards or identification due to business risks. The organization shall plan emergency preparation and response measures, including human resources, infrastructure, response procedures, etc.
必要时,尤 其是实际发生事故或紧急情况之后,应评 审和修改应急准备和响应文件。
If necessary, especially after the actual accident or emergency, the emergency preparation and response documents shall be reviewed and modified.
在这个标准中,风险控制还体现在产 品召回的要求方面。
In this standard, risk control is also reflected in the requirements of product recall.
7.9.5 条款规定,为 确保已被确定为不安全的受影响批次的 最终产品在交付后能够及时、完全地召 回,组织应建立、保持形成文件的程序, 以通知相关方(如权威机构、消费者)。
Article 7.9.5 stipulates that in order to ensure that the final products of the affected batches that have been determined to be unsafe can be recalled timely and completely after delivery, the organization shall establish and maintain documented procedures to inform relevant parties (such as authorities and consumers).
应将产品召回的原因、范围和结果报告最 高管理者,作为管理评审的输入。
The reason, scope and result of product recall shall be reported to the top management as the input of management review.
组织 应通过使用验证试验、模拟召回或实际 召回等方法,验证召回方案的有效性。 产品召回的有效性必须以有效的、可追 溯的系统为基础。
The organization shall verify the effectiveness of the recall program by using validation tests, simulated recalls, or actual recalls. The effectiveness of product recall must be based on an effective and traceable system.
7.9.2 条款规定,组 织应建立可追溯性系统,确保识别产品 批次及其与原料批次、加工和分销记录 的关系。
Article 7.9.2 stipulates that the organization shall establish a traceability system to ensure the identification of product batches and their relationship with raw material batches, processing and distribution records.
追溯性系统应能够识别从直接 供方的进料和最终产品分销到直接分 销方的情况。
The traceability system shall be able to identify the situation from the direct supplier's feed and final product distribution to the direct distributor.
追溯性系统的详略程度应 当考虑可能发生的召回和法律法规的 要求。
The detailed level of traceability system shall consider possible recall and requirements of laws and regulations.
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