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iso20000是什么管理体系 信息技术服务管理体系认证
What management system is ISO20000
ISO20000 是世界上第一部针对信息技术服务管理(IT Service Management)领域的国际标准,ISO20000信息技术服务管理体系标准代表了被广泛认可的评估IT服务管理流程的原则的基础。该标准定义了一套全面的、紧密相关的服务管理流程。
ISO20000 is the first international standard in the field of IT service management in the world. IT service management system standard of ISO20000 represents the basis of widely accepted principles for evaluating it service management process. The standard defines a comprehensive and closely related service management process.
ISO20000 certification means that the information technology service management established by the organization conforms to the ISO20000 standard, thus passing the ISO20000 certification.
Through the establishment of an optimized and transparent management process and the definition of rights and responsibilities, the management process is monitored and the performance evaluation is carried out; the management cost and risk of it operation are reduced;
· 易于整合服务管理流程和其它管理系统,如:信息安全管理体系ISMS 、质量管理体系ISO9000等;
·It is easy to integrate service management process and other management systems, such as information security management system isms, quality management system ISO9000, etc;
· 将现有管理体系和业务流程整合,规范IT部门服务水平,规范工作流程,降低由人员变动导致的风险;
·Integrate the existing management system and business process, standardize the service level of IT department, standardize the workflow, and reduce the risk caused by personnel change;
· 提高IT部门相关员工的专业素质,提高员工的服务能力和工作效率;
·Improve the professional quality of IT department related staff, improve their service ability and work efficiency;
· 提升IT部门整体运作及部门间沟通的能力。
·Improve the communication ability between IT departments.
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