ISO20000认证 为什么要实施基于ISO20000标准的IT服务管理 发布时间: 2020-06-27 22:28
ISO20000认证 为什么要实施基于ISO20000标准的IT服务管理
Why ISO20000 certification should implement it service management based on ISO20000 standard
With the aggravation of market competition and the rise of e-commerce in the world, enterprises must continuously and rapidly manage and change their business.
A large part of the business of these enterprises is increasingly dependent on their IT systems to provide customer satisfaction services. Because of this, a robust and flexible it solution is crucial for these enterprises.
Such solutions should first of all meet the business needs of the enterprise, but it is also important that these solutions themselves should be easy to manage, otherwise their support for the business can not be guaranteed.
Therefore, the investment to improve the efficiency and effect of service management is not dispensable, on the contrary, it provides a solid and reliable foundation for the successful operation of the business.
In order to achieve high-quality service management, we can use the proven "best practice" of effective service management for reference.
These practices are based on the ITIL series guidelines developed by the British Ministry of Commerce and the implementation of bs15000, the first national standard developed in the UK, and finally form the ISO20000 international standard.
Therefore, it service management based on ISO20000 is a reliable and solid foundation.
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