ISO20000认证 实施基于ISO20000的IT服务管理方案可以取得良好的效益 发布时间: 2020-06-27 22:43
ISO20000认证 实施基于ISO20000的IT服务管理方案可以取得良好的效益
The implementation of ISO20000 based IT service management scheme can achieve good benefits
Experience shows that enterprises can achieve good benefits by implementing ISO20000 based IT service management scheme, including:
3.1 将IT和企业业务进行更好的整合。项目管理者联盟文章
3.1 better integration of it and enterprise business. Project manager alliance article
3.2 提高IT服务的质量,降低IT服务的成本,从而提高了IT投资价值。
3.2 improve the quality of IT services, reduce the cost of IT services, so as to improve the value of IT investment.
3.3 使IT成为更有效的业务变革手段。
3.3 make it a more effective means of business change.
3.4 更好的发挥员工的作用,提高了员工的工作积极性。
3.4 better play the role of employees and improve their work enthusiasm.
By implementing IT service management effectively based on ISO20000, it service providers can widely prove their ability of service provision to their customers at home and abroad, and provide customers with widely recognized confidence, so as to enhance their market competitive advantage.
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