ISO14001认证 环境管理体系认证简介 EMS认证简介 发布时间: 2021-01-13 11:01
ISO14001认证 环境管理体系认证简介 EMS认证简介
Brief introduction of ISO14001 certification and EMS certification
环境管理体系认证环境管理体系(EMS,Environmental Management System)
Environmental management system (EMS)
According to ISO14001 3.5 definition: environmental management system is an integral part of an organization's overall management system, which includes the organization, planning activities, organization responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources required for the formulation, implementation, realization, evaluation and maintenance of environmental policies. It also includes the organization's environmental policy, objectives and indicators.
The environmental management system can be described as follows: it is a planned and coordinated management activity with standardized action procedures and documented control mechanism. It is implemented through an organizational structure with clear responsibilities and obligations, aiming at preventing adverse effects on the environment.
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